Ant Williams
Ant WilliamsFreediver
Ant Williams is a freediver who can hold his breath for an incredible eight minutes underwater. Using just one breath and no tanks, Ant can dive 100 metres down, into the black folds of the ocean and safely return to the surface. The New Zealand native didn’t even begin freediving until he was 30. Ant was working as a Sport Psychologist coaching big wave surfers, race car drivers, rock climbers and other risk takers how to break through mental barriers when he realised, he hadn’t done anything risky in his life himself – an epiphany that led to freediving and overcoming the struggle to equalise the body while it is under extreme pressure.

In 2006, Ant won the US National Freediving Championships and was ranked #3 in the world for his breath hold in swimming. He still competes alongside his role as Associate Director of Maximus International, a leadership development consultancy in Melbourne. Ant’s next project is to become the deepest man under ice, which he plans to attempt in the freezing landscape of the North Pole.