Colette Werden
Colette WerdenSelf-confidence Activator
Colette Werden is the Founder and CEO of Colette Werden Australia, Keynote Speaker and Red Lips Addict.

With the belief that our individuality is our power, Colette Werden and her team of experts work with entrepreneurs and professionals who are great at what they do, get themselves out there confidently, so they can make their difference.

The agency is one of a kind in Australia that offers Personal Branding, Image Development, Communication Training for Camera and Stage and Website Photography Production as vehicles to empower these professionals to share who they really are and what they do with ease and confidence – in
person and online – to be recognised as a respected leader in their industry.

Her 7 year experience in leading the Image Development Programs at Suzan Johnston Australia (the country’s longest running deportment school of over fifty years), exposed her to working with men, women and teenagers of all walks of life to develop their self-image, communication skills and overall
self-esteem. There her fascination began with the link between the fear of not being good enough and how that translated into the way one presented their identity to the world.

Colette has featured in the media as a thought leader in her industry, including CEO Magazine, Business Insider, The Collective, The Daily Telegraph and Channel 9 Mornings.

Represented by Platinum Speakers and ICMI Speakers, Colette speaks regularly in professional and entrepreneurial communities across Australia. Her talks are suited to inspire and educate on the power of “authentic personal branding” when building presence and believability in business.

The talks combine the practical strategies that leaders apply to ensure they’re presenting on-brand consistently and a range of topics including self-confidence, self-esteem and overcoming the critical mind when it comes to our authentic identity.