Jessica Lee
Jessica LeeThought Provoker
Jessica Lee is a self-confessed nerd and a lover of words, writing, ideas, the brain and mindset. Jessica is more than just an educator, writer, speaker, trainer and consultant. She inspires change and action through the thought-provoking questions she asks. She encourages people to dig deeper and break beneath the surface (and the obvious) to discover their own unique message, creativity, solutions and aspirations.

Jessica had to discover her own unique way of living after being diagnosed with a chronic illness at age 23. Having only just graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney with First Class Honours in Communications and starting her career at The Attorney General’s Department, her illness forced her to place her life on pause.

Jessica saw her illness as an opportunity to think differently and live differently. During the seven years of recovery, she used the time to learn all she could about health, happiness, purpose and the power of the brain. While doing this she launched a new career as a freelance writer to share her knowledge and experiences with others.

Jessica has written for Australia’s leading wellness and mindset magazines including, The Sunday Telegraph’s Body and Soul magazine, WellBeing, Australian Yoga Life and Make The World Move.

Jessica is now the founder and owner of The Spark Effect. By combining her skills and knowledge in writing, neuroscience, mindset and wellness, she helps others build lives they love and businesses to discover and create that exciting cutting edge.