Dr. Jordan Nguyen
Dr. Jordan NguyenBiomedical engineer
Dr Jordan Nguyen is on a mission to improve the lives of as many people as possible. By re-imagining and re-defining the boundaries between human and technological evolution, Jordan is at the forefront of bringing about positive, sustainable and life-altering change.

An internationally renowned engineer for humanity, Dr Nguyen designs life-changing technologies that are intelligent, futuristic and inclusive, and many of these are made to transform the lives of people with disability.

In 2012 Jordan completed a PhD in Biomedical Engineering which saw him develop a thought-controlled smart wheelchair, for high-level physical disability, that utilises cameras to perceive its environment, and provides the operator with autonomous guidance assistance during navigation. His work has been featured in range of TV, radio, magazine, and newspaper interviews, most notably – ABC’s Catalyst and Channel TEN’s The Project.

Having worked for ResMed over the past year and a half on automated test systems for their first line of premium ventilators, released to market earlier this year, he is now undertaking his own entrepreneurial endeavours to further advance his work towards new health products, whilst also working with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance in setting up and managing a range of technology initiatives specifically to improve quality of life for people living with cerebral palsy and related conditions. He has a huge focus on good design with all products and initiatives, as this creates the difference between products that are functional and necessary with those that are absolutely exciting for the individuals who need them.

An experienced public speaker, Jordan is frequently invited to present at many events across the country, and these have included TEDx TheRocks, Ultimo Science Festival, Enabled By Designathon at UTS, and the latest Think Inc events in Sydney and Melbourne.

He is on the skills committee for the Medical Technology Association of Australia knowledge hub, and is also a casual academic, teaching project development work for two engineering Masters subjects at UTS around artificial intelligence design and biomedical instrumentation. An advocate for disability, health technology, good design, worthy causes, and pursuing passions and interests from a young age, Jordan has a huge focus on helping drive massive positive impact in health-related industries throughout Australia and beyond.