Terry Virts
Terry VirtsAstronaut
Terry Virts is an astronaut who has spent over 200 days in space at the International Space Station (ISS). While he was at NASA he had one of the most demanding jobs in the world. He is one of only four astronauts ever to pilot the NASA space shuttle, fly on the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, perform space walks and hold the role of Commander of the ISS. Terry was also a Colonel in the US Air Force where he logged over 5,300 flight hours in more than 40 different aircrafts since graduating from the Air Force Academy and being commissioned as a Second Lieutenant.

Most recently, Terry starred in the IMAX film, A Beautiful Planet, which will be released in Australia in September 2016. The film is a breathtaking portrait of Earth from space, providing an increased understanding of our planet and galaxy as never seen before. Of all NASA Astronauts, Terry has the third most days continuously in space. He has a unique perspective holding the record of taking more photos of the earth from space than any other astronaut.